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Tampa Motherhood Sessions | Family Photographer

April 23, 2017  •  3 Comments

I love this family. I see them at least once a year and they are so much fun. We actually found our selves on the same cruise last year and would have had a blast together if one of my kids had not been deathly ill. FYI, having a sick kid while on a cruise is as close to living hell as I think you can get with out being a really bad person and dying. It. Was. Awful. 

Michelle contacted me a few weeks ago and said she needed some images of her daughter before she turned 10.TEN!!! I bet you a million dollars she feels like Brooke was a toddler just yesterday. How old is/are your child(ren)? Doesn't it feel like just yesterday they were tiny? I miss my sweet babies so much.  Time goes so fast once you have children and they change so freaking quickly. It is so important to capture the way your family looks RIGHT NOW. Because right now will be a distant memory so quickly and you will forget things.... we all do. So, when she called I told her I was doing motherhood sessions. She was concerned that dad would not be in any and I of course said he could be! 

Here is a sample of what we got in my natural light studio in Tampa. 

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Allison Anderson(non-registered)
My eldest daughter will be ten pretty soon -- in another year -- but I feel like I only just got married last year. There are definitely times (daily) when she makes me lose my mind, but she is my beautiful first born daughter and I love her. These family photos for you Tampa client are so special as kids change so much.
Jennifer Rittenberry(non-registered)
Time flies by so fast when you have children and it definitely feels like they grew up in a blink of an eye. I know this Tampa Motherhood session was so important to capture for this family as their little girl goes into double digit ages! I can hardly believe my baby girl is almost out of her teens and going to be a 20 year old this year! I wish I would have had more family sessions like this with her while she was growing up. Gorgeous gallery and I know these will be forever treasured!
Love these family photos! I totally agree that my almost seven year old (AH!) aged five years over night! I adore how you showed off their family connection while they look totally natural and not super posed. Hopefully your next cruise is much more enjoyable (and possibly even has this Tampa family on board again!)
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