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South Tampa Newborn | In Home Session

March 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Comforts of Home 

The best thing about an in-home Newborn session is that you do not have to leave the house. Your child will get to see where you lived when you brought him or her home from the hospital or where you had him if you have a home birth. It is a beautiful way to freeze time for them to see just how wanted and loved he was (and is!) 


Tampa-family-Photographer_0548Tampa-family-Photographer_0548 Tampa-newborn-Photographer_0549Tampa-newborn-Photographer_0549 Tampa-baby-Photographer_0550Tampa-baby-Photographer_0550 Tampa-newborn -Photographer_0551Tampa-newborn -Photographer_0551 Tampa-newborn-Photographer_0552Tampa-newborn-Photographer_0552 Tampa-baby-Photographer_0553Tampa-baby-Photographer_0553 Tampa-infant-Photographer_0554Tampa-infant-Photographer_0554 Tampa-in-home-Photographer_0555Tampa-in-home-Photographer_0555 Tampa-newborn-Photographer_0556Tampa-newborn-Photographer_0556 Tampa-baby-Photographer_0557Tampa-baby-Photographer_0557 CONTACT ME to book your in-home newborn session 


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