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Tampa-Intimate-Photography | Amy's Boudoir Session

August 09, 2017  •  6 Comments

Boudoir in Tampa


When was the last time you felt sexy? Beautiful? When was the last time you did something JUST FOR YOU? If you live in the Tampa area and want to feel sexy, feel like a goddess then lets talk about a boudoir session. 


Amy is a scientist and in her everyday life, wearing a lab-coat and working in a male dominated industry.


  • Q. Name? 

    A. Amy Ashley

  • Q. What is your occupation? 

    A. Laboratory Analyst

  • Q. Why did you do a boudoir session?

    A. I did a boudoir session because it intrigued me. I had friends who had done it and they all said it was an amazing experience. I had recently started working out more at the gym and had started feeling great about my body. I know that most people do boudoir shoots as a gift for their significant other but I did it for myself. 

  • Q. Did you enjoy the experience? 

    A. The experience was wonderful! I felt so confident and sexy! 

  • Q. What was your favorite part? 

    A. I've never been able to do my own makeup very well so getting all dolled up with hair and makeup was definitely my favorite part! 

  • Q. What would you say to someone who wants to do it but is scared? 

    A. I would say that as cliche as it sounds, you only live once. Doing a boudoir session is a unique experience that can help you regain confidence in yourself and help you to realize your true beauty. 

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What are you waiting for???  

Boudoir Promo


CONTACT ME to get started. 

Patricia Cannon is the owner and artist of Sweet Plum Photography. She has been empowering women through her photography since 2011. 


Love these natural light boudoir images! The moodiness is great and you definitely helped get Amy out of her shell!
Marina Feldman(non-registered)
What a gorgeous lady and a beautiful boudoir photo session!

I would love to feel as sexy as she! If I lived closer to Tampa I would definitely call you! I love all of these so much and the light is amazing!!! Great work!
What a gorgeous boudoir session! She totally rocked it and I love her lingerie choices!
Wow, Amy! You really look amazing. That is so cool that you took the time to have a boudoir photo session.
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