Q: What should I expect from my (family or maternity)session?

A: Your full session (not the mini) will be 1-1.5 hours long. We will have fun and laugh a lot. You can change outfits as many times as you would like. Please bring snacks and drinks for your children. Dont feel like you have to get "THE PERFECT PICTURE" My style is more casual. I like to capture the family interacting with each other not just everyone smiling for the camera. (we will try to get those too! but it is less important in my style of photography and you will have more interaction pictures then posed shots.)

Bring along any toys that your children are attached to. Bring a quilt if you have one. Bring anything that screams 'your family'. 

Q: What should we wear?

A: Everyone who will be photographed should all be dressed in the same “style”. If you want casual everyone should dress casual. If you want to wear your Sunday best then everyone should be dressed in that manner.

Keep Your Destination in Mind

Avoid too many patterns. Try to limit the patterns to one or two. Think instead of coordinating colors. Pick an out fit for the most picky of your family first then pick out fits for the rest of the family that coordinate with that persons.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too trendy.

Wear either light colors, medium colors, or dark colors and keep in mind that white and cream can go with any of those. 

Q: Why does professional photography cost so much?

A: I’m never one to reinvent the wheel… Here is a great explanation of why professional photography costs so much http://www.caughtonfilmphoto.com/costofphotography.html You are not just paying to have me take your picture. There is a lot more to it then that.

Q: Why do you charge so much for your prints?

A: I use a professional printer and my computer is calibrated to their printer. When I edit your photos the colors I see are the colors that will come out on your print ordered through me. If you are viewing your digital images on a non calibrated computer screen and the colors do not look perfect do not edit before printing. My prints will last for generations/ 

Q: What can I do to ensure we get some good photos from my session?

A: Relax!!! No seriously. You, the parent, must relax and you will get good pictures taken of you and your children. If you are relaxed, enjoying your time with them, and not correcting them every five seconds they will do exactly what I ask them to do, and that's what we really want! I consider our session to be quality time for you and your child and I want you all to have a good time. I know from my own personal experience that if I am stressed out about "getting the shot" I tend to correct my girls and get annoyed at them. Then what happens? They tense up and are on edge so no good picture is had or they behave even WORSE! So RELAX!!! Enjoy your kids and let me worry about "getting the shot"!!!

Q: How long does it take to get my pictures?

A: My turn around time is 3 to 4 weeks. If you need your images expedited I can turn them around in 48 hour for a fee of $150. 

Q: What kind of products do you have?

A: I can order prints of any size(on many different types of paper!), stand-outs, canvases, metal prints, photo collages, already framed prints, greeting cards, birth announcements, photo albums and pretty much anything else you can think of to put your photos on!

Q: What happens at a newborn session? Do you come to me? When should I schedule it?

A: Most of my newborn sessions are done in my studio. But I can come to you as well. If you choose for me to come to you your images will be more relaxed and less posed. 

In my studio I have a bed (for more casual family pictures) and baskets and a posing pillow. I keep it warm so baby will sleep for most of the session. Sessions are 2 to 3 hours long. I get images of baby alone and with parents and siblings. I don't do a lot of the unnatural poses. My style is more natural and organic. 

Q: What is birth photography?

A: Take a look at my page:http://sweetplumphotography.com/birth

Birth photography is my favorite. I love capturing the emotion and story of your sweet plum being brought into this world.

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