Five Tips on What to Wear

January 11, 2016  •  11 Comments

Styling Your Family Photo Session

People often ask me what to wear to a photo shoot so I created a list of 5 simple tips to help us both make sure your photos are styled to your liking.

1. Pick out clothing for the pickiest person first.  

We all have that one person in the family, you know who I am talking about. The one who is hardest to dress and has a lot of opinions on what is acceptable for them to wear.  Dressing this person first gets the tough part out of the way and allows you to coordinate colors to their outfit; however vibrant it may be (which brings me to tips number two and three).

2. One bold pattern per 3 people is a good rule of thumb.

This helps eliminate the possibility of your family photos appearing as though you all just arrived from a Jimmy Buffett concert. Although color is a good thing, we don't want your pictures to be too busy.

3. Neons are not your friend.

Reflectives should only be worn for safety, not for portraits. We want your faces and emotions to be the star of the photos, not your clothing.

4. After everything is chosen, lay the outfits out together.

Putting everyones' clothes on the bed (maybe even snapping a picture of them and sending it to me) will allow us to see if everything visually coordinates. 

5. Feel free to ask me my opinions.

I welcome you to text/email me pictures of clothing or questions. Since I am familiar with lighting, placement, etc, I know typically what works. That is why you hired me! I'd much rather answer questions before a shoot than have you displeased with photos later.  Also, please feel free to browse my gallery for styles that you like.

HERE IS MY PINTEREST BOARD for color ideas. 

HERE IS MY PINTEREST BOARD for maternity clothes ideas. 

Family-Styled-PhotosBeach-Family-Photo-ShootSouth-Tampa-Beach-Photography Sibling-Beach-PhotographsMother-Child-PortraitsBeach-Family-Photography

Children-PhotographerChilds-Beach-PortraitsFamily-Beach-Photography South-Tampa-PhotographerFamily-Beach-PhotographsFamily-Beach-Photography-Session


These tips are perfect for giving your clients an idea of what to wear. The idea of laying out the clothes on the bed beforehand and taking a picture of them together is a great help to photographers too!
Jennifer Rittenberry(non-registered)
I love these tips on styling your family photo session and the fact that they're geared for the beach! I couldn't agree more on the tip of one bold pattern per every three people in the photo. I've been on the receiving end of this styling gone wrong way too many times. Tampa families are in good hands with your master styling tips for their photography session.
I love the tips you have shared for styling the family pictures..i have been looking for a guide for my family sessions...thanks for sharing the information.
What a fun family session on Tampa Beach! I love all your tips and this family is the perfect example of great casual outfits for family portraits! Great work with this informative blog post!
Christine D(non-registered)
Oh, these tips are all right on! Especially number one! Outfit that tough person first, make that one happy, and there is one less stress on portrait day too. As the family in your photos so perfectly illustrates, not everyone has to be matching. Everyone can be in different colors and it can all blend beautifully! Your Tampa clients are in good hands with you as their photographer!
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