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December 30, 2015  •  5 Comments

This months topic for the blog circle is celebration. Normally I would write about the obvious holidays, but instead I thought I would show you something we (as a family) celebrated during our darkest hours. After our house flooded in August we were without a home for 2 months. The first month we lived in an extended stay then we rented a 1 bedroom condo from a friend of a friend. Four people in a one bedroom condo is not ideal, but it was way better then the extended stay...hey! there was an actual BEDROOM with a DOOR!!!! It sucked pretty bad, but one of the things we celebrated was our children's love of animals that was so evident by the nightly duck feedings we would do. 

I present you with DUCK CELEBRATION 

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Oh my goodness.... how awful! So sorry to hear about that... however I love your positive spin on it all and the ducks. What a great way to celebrate!
TIFFANY WALENSKY(non-registered)
That is so wonderful that your family was able to make the most out of such a tough situation. I love the ducks - my girls would definitely have enjoyed feeding them too!
I am so sorry you had to deal with a flood and had to have a temporary home for a while. I love these images of your girls and the ducks though! Wishing you an uneventful 2016 :)
Kristie S.(non-registered)
I'm sorry you went through that experience, but I Love when people can find the silver lining to a dark situation. Oh, your girls and those ducks make an adorable partnership! I hope you are back in your home… happy, healthy and dry! Best wishes for 2016!
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