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January 20, 2013  •  10 Comments

What is a "fresh Plum" Session?


It is a session that takes place with-in 48 hours of baby being born. It takes place either at the hospital or at home. It is done during the day so the look and feel is generally softer then the birth photos.

It's great for those who want professional pictures of their fresh baby, but birth photography is not something they want. It's a family session that takes place on the bed. Its a newborn session that is not posed. It is details of your newborn baby's fingers, toes, lips, ears, nose, hair and any other cute bits.

You might imagine that at a birth, once the baby is born, it then becomes a fresh session. That's not exactly the case. I am still a fly on the wall and there are still lots of birth stuff going on. Mom is usually a little tired and not feeling at all like posing with baby. She usually does not want to be too far from baby so getting detail shots is a little difficult. (I do try, but I am still documenting the birth)Mom usually does not feel like she looks her best and not all the family members may be available. If the birth happened at night siblings could be asleep.

If your a little squeamish about the birth being captured, or you want to get the whole family right after baby is born a Fresh Plum Session is for you!

For a limited time I am offering this session at a reduced rate. And if you book it with your birth package it is always 50% off.

Lifestyle NewbornDSC_9445-1 Fresh BabyDSC_0963 If you are pregnant and interested in having a Fresh Plum Session please CONTACT ME.

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Angela Ramsey(non-registered)
I love this type of session!! I have never seen it before! LOVE!!
awww so sweet!
This is a great idea! What tender moments you've captured with those photos. Can't wait to see more!
Kelly Gentz(non-registered)
What a beautiful idea. I hope lots of people are able to take advantage of your fresh plum sessions.
Kim Kravitz(non-registered)
Aw! How precious are these images! And I love the idea of a "fresh plum" session!
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