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July 20, 2015  •  5 Comments

Fort Desoto Pregnancy Portraits 

When Ali told me she and her husband wanted to include their VW Westfalia in their maternity session I was like, SIGN ME UP! Nothing makes me happier then bringing something unique and personal into your sessions. How cool will it be for Nora to look back at these pictures and see how excited her parents were for her arrival!?! 

Are you thinking of booking a session? Lets do it! If you feel like you want to add something special into your session, but are hitting a road block (punny!) lets talk!! I bet we can find SOMETHING to do or bring that will make your session all about YOU! Just click HERE to get started. 

Here are the highlights from this adorable maternity session: 

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Michelle Levinson(non-registered)
Amazing pictures!! Can't wait to see the adventure unfold...
Natalie Reynolds(non-registered)
Beautiful couple and one very lucky baby!
These are so lovely, you captured their connection beautifully, and she wears pregnancy sooooo well!
Alison Robb(non-registered)
Just love these photographs. Looking forward to seeing ones of Nora in September.
Debbie Waters(non-registered)
What beautiful pictures! of two beautiful people!
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