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June 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This months theme was grounded. Picked by the talented Kristie Serra Photography.   

I breastfed my twins till they were 3 and a half. I never thought that was a thing till I was in it. What I found was that breastfeeding was way more then just about the milk. As we entered the toddler stage the girls started having typical toddler meltdowns and until you have a toddler you think these meltdowns are controllable (at least I did). Well, I am here to tell you they are not. Wires get crossed and the child has no control over what they are doing (most of the time). This is where breastfeeding a toddler came about for me. I discovered that the minute my crazy, crying, uncontrollably insane child would put mouth to breast she would calm. And when I say calm I mean look like she just had a yoga class followed by an hour of meditation. She would suddenly be grounded again. So for my image this month I picked one from the breastfeeding session I did with one of my forever clients. She wanted to commemorate her breastfeeding time with a session because she is about to go on some medication that she cannot breastfeed with. 

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