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October 19, 2015  •  13 Comments

Maternity Dresses 

I adore maternity sessions. Might be my favorite type of session. I bet it is cause I loved being pregnant. It was the one time I felt comfortable in my own skin. I could have a belly and I LOVED my belly. I find pregnant women perfect in every way. I want to make your maternity session as beautiful as you are so I buy dresses for my clients to use during their sessions. Im always trying to describe them to clients and sending them "searching" on my website to see the dresses in use. I figured having one post with them all on here would make it easier for me AND them. Here are my far... I buy a new one to add to my collection every few months. 

Tampa-Family-Photographer_0365Tampa-Family-Photographer_0365 Cream Lace



White Lace 


Family-Photography_0215Pregnancy-portraits White Open-Front


Family-Photography_0209Family-Photography_0209 Blue Lace Open Front 


Family-Photography_0210Family-Photography_0210 Pink Open Front 


Family-Photography_0208Family-Photography_0208 Oyster Infinity 


Family-Photography_0212Family-Photography_0212 Pink Infinity


Family-Photography_0211Family-Photography_0211 Gold Open Infinity


Family-Photography_0214Family-Photography_0214 Dark Grey 


Family-Photography_0216Family-Photography_0216 Floral Kimono 


If you would like to meet before your session for a style consultation let me know!! 




Effie L.(non-registered)
I'm not even pregnant and I want to meet with you for a style consultation!
Love all these pretty maternity dresses!
It's always great to see photographers put together what to wear posts to help their clients...although in this case it's a what I can dress you in!
WOW! What an amazing collection of gorgeous maternity gowns. Your Tampa Maternity clients are so lucky to have a true professional who knows how to take care of their clients! Your maternity images are absolutely stunning as well. Great work!
Jennifer Rittenberry(non-registered)
Your maternity dress collection is amazing! I'm slowly working on my stash, but your Florida mommies are in excellent hands with all of the gorgeous eye candy that your studio is providing for them. It's so nice to not have to stress over what to wear to a session! Not to mention, this dress collection also shows off all the wonderful backdrops around St Pete and South Tampa and how they look in photographs.
Jenny Storment(non-registered)
What a great thing for you to offer you clients outfits for their maternity sessions. They are all gorgeous too I'm sure if I had you do my maternity session I wouldn't know which one to choose from.
Christine d(non-registered)
These maternity gowns are all beautiful! But the amazing part is how your photography makes each dress look fresh in every image... None are overused or used the same way again and again. Tampa mommies-to-be will be thrilled with their maternity portraits from you!
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