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July 02, 2013  •  11 Comments

My children (5 yr old twins) have figured out that if I am talking to someone with a belly they can get away with murder! This is Courtney. I met her at Target. I was unloading my cart when I noticed a very pretty pregnant mama in front of me. Naturally I pulled out my card and handed it to her. Told her I was a photographer and that I specialized in maternity and birth. She said, "I am a photographer too."

"oh, awesome! If you need to get yourself in the pictures for your maternity give me a call."

Then we started chatting and I found out she is having twin girls and is planning to try to have them vaginally. We had lots of stuff in common. While she and I were chatting my kids were busy grabbing stuff off the shelves and begging me to buy it for them. Usually they dont do that cause they know the answer will be know. Or they ask once and thats the end. Not this time... I was distracted by a shiny belly so they each got something from the little toys by the register. Im sure it was $6 for something that was .03 cents to make... Oh well...

Courtney and I parted ways and I did not hear from her for like a month. She finally called me and said, I have an idea...

She want to do a beach session, but not do all the normal maternity poses. I was more then willing to oblige cause I had been wanting to do more of a sexy maternity session. I love love love what we came up with!!! 

You can see Courtney's work here.



Beach Maternity 2013-06-30_0016 Belly pictures2013-06-30_0017 water maternity 2013-06-30_0018 I have too many favorites so I randomly picked this one cause I like the angle :) 

redington beach photography2013-06-30_0019





Love this location and the images are gorgeous!
These maternity shots are just gorgeous! Great location and beautiful mommy!
These are gorgeous, it's so wonderful when photographers can collaborate on a project
Beautiful! I love these especially where she's in the water.
Amazing!! Love how you two met:-)
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