Anna Turns One | Tampa Family Photographer

November 27, 2012  •  6 Comments

I met Anna when she had just been born. Her Mom called me to get help with breastfeeding. Then a few weeks later she called me to see if I would photograph Anna's Christening. I of course did! So here we are a year later and Anna is one. I cant believe she is so big. The time really does go by fast!!

Her mom threw her a fun party at her home with family and friends.

Tampy Birthday Photography2012-11-14_061 Tampa Family Photography2012-11-14_063 Tampa Family Photography2012-11-14_069 Tampa Birthday Party Pictures2012-11-14_074 Tampa Birthday Photography2012-11-14_072 If your little one/s is getting ready to have a birthday and you would like it captured contact me!!

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Huong Forrest(non-registered)
What a sweet girl and I LOVE her name. These will be great memories for her and her family!
Cherilyn H.(non-registered)
What a sweet little girl! Love the cake pictures. :)
Love her in the first one! Great job!
Those curls and that crown! So perfect!
aww she's adorable!
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